Cube Color 16 - All In One Table Planter

The Cube Color 16 planter is a larger version of the Cube Color 14 planter. It allows you to keep your potted herbs fresh for weeks with its clever design and sub-irrigation system. 

Simply insert the water wick into the bottom of your herb pot, fill up the reservoir, and your plants will receive just the right amount of water they need to stay fresh longer. 

This planter will accommodate all standard herb and garden grow pots from 5.1" - 5.9" (13-15cm) in diameter. There is no repotting necessary and you can keep your basil, thyme parlsey, chives, dill, or other herbs fresh without you worrying about them drying up or over/under watering. The water level indicator will remind you when to refill the reservoir.

Available in 3 modern colours, white, slate and lime green. These attractive, compact planters make for a great gift and will add colour and life to your kitchen counter. They are food safe, and allow you to keep your herbs right at hand.

Each planter measure 17cm x 17cm x 16cm (LxWxH) inside diameter 15.0cm. The reservoir has a capacity of 0.7L.