Nido Cottage All In One Hanging Planter

Nido is the hanging basket that ensures your hanging planters stay hydrated, happy and healthy longer than other similar hanging containers. Flowers bloom brighter, fuller, and longer, and herbs grow more robust and resilient thanks to the built-in 1.9 liter water reservoir.

The Nido planter comes in thre colours (white, mocha, and granite), and is easy to plant thanks to a removable and interchangeable liner. Simply remove the liner before planting, mount the planter, and fit the inner liner back in place. Stainless steel hardware measures 50cm in length and supports up to 45kg of weight.

Nido features a 6L planting volume, UV-stabilized, weatherproof, and food-grade materials made in Germany. Made to last for many years, the Nido hanging planter makes growing your favourite flowers, herbs, and greens fun, simple and easy.

As an alternative, the Nido planter can also be placed on the ground or table due to its flat base. Ultralight, shatterproof, and ideal for homes and gardens, this planter is quick to plant and easy to mount.

Each planter comes with a wicker planting container with removable liner. A built in water level indicator, Lechuza PON and stainless steel hardware also come as part of this all-in-one self watering planter.

Planter measures 23cm in height and has a top outer diameter if 27cm