Shiitake Mushroom Log

[Update Apr 2017] The logs that were incubating in anticipation of the 2017 season are not in a suitable condition for sale. Please check back with us in the future as we may have some 2 year old logs for 2017 or some new logs for 2018. 

Growing your own shiitake mushrooms is easier than you may think. It makes an excellent addition to your edible backyard vegetable garden, and requires only a shady spot in your yard. They can even be grown on a shady apartment or condo balcony! Download our Shiitake Mushroom Log Instructions.

Our hardwood oak logs that have been prepared for you in a pristine environment just North of Toronto away from the pollution of the city and the pesticides used in typical farming operations. They are ready to produce this spring and throughout the growing season this year.

Our logs produce mushrooms far superior in taste to the ones you can get in the supermarket. The reason? Most supermarket shiitake mushrooms are grown on bags of sawdust, while your mushrooms will be growing on its natural environment, fresh cut hardwood logs.

Enjoy the rich, meaty, flavor of freshly grown shiitake mushrooms and share the bountiful harvest with your friends and family. Even people who don’t normally like the typical white mushrooms from the grocery store find that they truly enjoy the taste of shiitakes because it is so distinct and flavorful. Try it out – you’ll be in for a lovely surprise.


  • A shady spot that does not get direct sunlight
  • Patience while you wait for your shiitakes to grow
  • Suitable for shady condo and apartment balconies too!

We are no longer shipping shiitake logs outside of the GTA. The size and wight of the log creates prohibitive shipping costs. Please select either local pickup or local delivery.

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