Worm Factory Accessories

What Is It?

For additional or replacement parts for your Worm Factory 360 composter, we've got most items in stock or can have them special ordered from the manufacturer.

Black or Terracotta Worm Factory 360 Tray
Order one or more additional or replacement trays for your Worm Factory 360. The maximum number of trays we and the manufacturer recommend you having at one time is 8 trays. Too many trays can make the unit too heavy and cause the legs to collapse. Empty lower trays once the worms have migrated up. Use the finished worm castings right away in your garden or store elsewhere until ready to use. For most people, the 4 included trays will be more than sufficient for their Worm Factory 360 composter.

Sprinkler Tray (Black Colour)
The sprinkler tray is a convenient tool to collect the excess moisture / lechate from the bottom of your composter. We like to use it to store the hand tools. It has a perforated upper edge so you can tilt it to filter and drain out the collected lechate. It can also be used when hydrating small amounts of coir.

Trace Minerals Pouch
Trace minerals help to provide grit for the worms to break down their food and bedding. In addition, it creates a richer and more robust finished compost to help you to grow healthier and more vibrant plants.

Pumice Pouch
Add pumice to each of your trays to promote good air-flow, reduce compaction, and minimize the risk of anaerobic composting conditions. This ingredient is excellent at reducing the potential for bad odours.

Small Coir Block
Coconut coir is our favourite bedding material. We like to use it in addition to shredded newspaper as it is excellent at moisture retention and provides an excellent source of carbon. Having a good mix of bedding material helps to keep worms happily composting, and allows food scraps to remain covered, which reduces the chance of fruit flies, fungus gnats, and other unwanted pests that can get into your worm bin. For larger quantities of coir, consider Beats Peat Eco-Friendly Coconut Coir 11lb Block 

Hand Rake
The hand rake makes it easy to spread out any food scraps and bedding in your trays. It's also great for looking through your compost to check on how broken down the food scraps are. And for those who are a bit hesitant about touching worms with your bare hands, this is a great way to gently handle the compost.

This is our personal favourite accessory when emptying out the trays as it allows you to get right into the corners of the trays without leaving any worms, compost, or bedding behind.

Moisture Meter
Use this to quickly assess the condition of your compost. If it is too wet, add in more of your dry/brown/bedding material to absorb the excess moisture. If it is too dry, add water or add in more moist/wet food scraps. Don't want to buy an extra accessory too? Use your finger to feel how moist the compost is (it should be similar to a wrung out dish towel) or feel how heavy each of the trays are (a dry tray will be significantly lighter than one that is too wet).

Why We Carry It?

With frequent inquiries for additional trays and for some of the consummable materials, we have this page for a convenient way ordering / reordering.