Garden Starter Kit

Get everything you need to start your own urban vegetable garden. We've put together this package featuring our favourite gardening tools from Gardena as well as seeds and transplants to get you started.

About the Trowel: This trowel is made from high-quality steel and is ideal for planting and transplanting. It comes with a 25 year warranty. 

About the Multi Function Hose GunThis convenient sprayer model has four different spray patterns. Choose between soft spray, bubble-jet spray, hard jet and flat jet. In addition to the spray pattern, the water flow rate can also be individually and infinitely regulated. Thanks to the soft plastic components, it lies pleasantly in the hand. With the ergonomically shaped pulse trigger, the spray gun can be easily started. For longer use, it can be locked for comfortable watering without your having to keep pressing a trigger. For protection against damage, the sprayer head has a soft plastic ring.

About the Hand Shears: These classic secateurs have an extra-narrow, angled cutting head that allows precise cutting of vines and twigs. The upper blade of the secateurs is non-stick coated and the bottom blade is made of stainless steel. The secateurs are precision-ground and have a sap groove, as well as an integrated wire cutter. Thanks to the ergonomically formed handles, the secateurs lie optimally in the hand. The two holding positions allow both power cutting and quick snipping. With the single-hand safety lock, the secateurs can be easily locked and safely stored. The Comfort Secateurs cut a maximum branch diameter of 20 mm and come with a 25 year guarantee.

About The Seed Packs: In the spring, we'll provide you with 6 different seed packages featuring some of our favourite vegetables and herbs that are easy to grow from seeds. These include lettuce, arugula, beans, carrots, chives and dill.

About The Transplants: In the spring, we'll provide you with a $20 gift certificate you can redeem for a variety of vegetable and herb transplants we start ourselves. These include heirloom and unique varieties of plants you won't find anywhere else. Transplants are available in GTA only.