Cascadino All In One Planter

The Cascadino planter is an all-in-one wonder and smaller version of the Cascada planter. It's a strawberry pot, herb garden, flower tower, and also a hanging basket. Its modular design lets you use is individually, or as a 2-tier tapering tower with the larger Cascada planter as a base.

Grow a plethora of veggies, herbs, and flowers in attractive, self-watering planter. Perfect for decks, balconies and rooftops where space is at a premium, you can grow all your greens and herbs together in this one planter.

Individually, each planter has space for up to 6 plants - 5 along the side openings and 1 along the top. Each planter has a 30cm top diameter, an 8L soil planting area, and 2.8 liter water reservoir. Your plants will be sure to get the necessary water to stay hydrated and healthy.

Individuall, the Cascadino measures 23cm in height and when stacked with the Cascada planter, measures 66cm in height.

Made in Germany from food-grade, UV-stabilized plastic, this planter is shatterproof, lightweight, and ideal for the home and garden. Built with Lechuza's unique sub-irrigated design with a water level indicator, your plants will stay hydrated longer and not dry out as quickly which means bigger plants, increased yields, and less work on your part.

Click on the "More images" link underneath the product image for additional pictures of the Cascada planter and its accessories. For Toronto and GTA customers, we can arrange to have this delivered, setup, filled with our YUF Potting Soil Mix, and the plants of your choice at an additional cost. Please contact us for details.