Coconut Coir Compressed Brick

This brick of compressed coconut coir is ideal for seedlings, containers, hanging baskets, or mixed into your existed garden beds and containers. Available in a 5kg block or as a 650g brick

Each compressed brick hydrates quickly with water and comes wrapped in an easy to store package. Made from the husks of coconuts, it does not contribute to the draining of ecologically sensitive peat bogs. It is clean, lightweight, easy to use, and low-sodium.

The 650g brick hydrates with 2-3L of water and expands to fill 9L (0.3 cu ft) of space.

The 5kg block hydrates with 20L of water and expands to fill 60L (2.1 cu ft) of space.

It can be used alone or blended such as with a potting soil mix, with Hydroton clay pellets (or other hydroponic media) and as an amendment for existing gardens. Grow seedlings with stronger, more fibrous roots. Improve your soil structure to retain more air and moisture. Use it as bedding for your worm bin or an amendment in your compost bin. Add it to your container gardens, raised beds, and in-ground gardens. Use it as a mulch in your garden or as an organic growing medium. There are so many ways you can incorporate coconut coir into your gardening projects, you may want to get extra !