Green Earth Dormant Spray Kit

If you have fruit trees in your garden, this dormant spray kit from Green Earth will help to improve the health of your tree, improve the fruit quality and yields, and reduce the amount of insects that like to feed on your trees. This product is also suitable for roses, shrubs, and ornamentals that are more susceptible to pests and insects.

Each box contains 500ml horticultural oil concentrate and 1 liter of lime sulphur concentrate to spray up to four fruit trees. The horticultural oil in combination with the lime sulphur delivers a two-part remedy to both overwintering insects as well as fungal diseases lingering in or on the tree. including insects, eggs, oystershell scale, San Jose scale, rose scale, black scale, and overwintering fungus disease. 

Spray in the early spring when the daytime temperatures rise above 5C and before the leaves and buds open up on your plants. Apply early in the day to allow sufficient time for dormant spray to dry on tree before chance of freezing. Read and follow both product labels before use.