Indoor Table Planters

Add a splash of colour to your tables, counter tops, and windowsills with a variety of indoor self-watering planters from Young Urban Farmers. Available in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, we're confident you'll find something suitable for your home, restaurant, or office.

Grow fresh herbs in a sunny window, add a vibrant centerpiece to your meals, or give one of these as a unique gift. These bright, cheerful, and incredible self-watering planters will make caring for your indoor plants as easy as possible while livening up the room with plants. Mix and match the colour, style, and number of planters to create your own unique display. Click on the "more images" button for additional photos of some of our favourite indoor planters.

Common Features for All Indoor Table Planters

  • Suitable for a variety of plants including seasonal centerpieces, windowsill herbs, year-round plants, orchids, blooming plants, foliage, sedums, and more.
  • Innovative self-watering system that wicks the water from the reservoir directly to the plant roots (where it is needed most), reducing the frequency of water needed while keeping the plants happily watered for extended periods of time. 
  • Water level indicator tells growers exactly when to fill the reservoir taking the guesswork out of watering
  • Made in Germany from lightweight, frost resistant, UV-resistant, shatterproof, recyclable, food grade, high quality polypropylene plastic with either a shiny gloss or metallic finish
  • Each planter comes with a plant liner that matches the planter, making it easy to change plants, repot, trim roots, or rinse leaves. Included as well is a specially formulated granular material called Lechuza PON that helps to aerates the roots and provides your plant with a slow release fertilizer. Water is poured over the Lechuza PON and filters to a reservoir below so no additional soil is needed. A potting soil mix can also be used instead of the PON
  • Indoor use only as there are no drainage holes at the bottom of these planters

Planter Descriptions

Maxi Cubi: This modern, cube-inspired planter features clean edges and straight lines, allowing it to fit with a variety of interior decorating themes including urban, modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, or retro.

26cm in height with reservoir capacity of 1 liter and soil capacity of 1.5 liters.

Maxi Cubi Red

Mini Cubi: A more petite version of the Maxi Cubi planter with an elegant, clean, and contemporary design. It can fit in smaller spaces without looking out of place. Not available in orange metallic colour. It does not include a water level indicator, but the liner, sub irrigation design, and pon are included. 

18cm in height with a 0.5 liter water reservoir and 0.8 liter soil capacity.

Deltini: Beautiful and sophisticated, this planter has a round base that gently tapers to a square top to make a modern contour that looks great wherever it is placed.

18cm in height with a 0.5 liter water reservoir and 1.2 liter soil capacity.

Deltini White


Delta 20 (Windowsill Planter): Designed to fit in narrow windowsills, this rectangular planter with rounded corners has a small footprint, but larger surface area to volume ratio compared to other indoor table planters. Perfect for herbs, flowers, and other shallow rooted plants.

18cm in height with a 2 liter water reservoir and 5 liter soil capacity.


delta 20 white


Colours Available:

There are several colour choices available: white high gloss, charcoal metallic, scarlet red high gloss. Both the high gloss and metallic finish are durable, attractive, weatherproof, and will provide years of bright colour.