Vermiculite 12.5L Resealable Bag

What Is It?
Vermiculite is made from expanded micaceous minerals. It is not considered to be a single mineral, but a family of related minerals. It is an excellent soil amendment that can be used in a variety of applications including seed starting, raised beds, container gardens, sandy soil, and more. Vermiculite is excellent at reducing compaction and improving the  moisture holding capacity of soil.
The Best Part?
Vermiculite is easy to handle and blends well with other ingredients, allowing you to create a custom soil blend for all of your gardening applications. Vermiculite is used by professional and home gardeners alike for stronger, healthier plants. It can be reused, contributing to your garden for many years. It is naturally clean, lightweight, weed/disease free, odourless and great for all types of gardens. As a best practice, wear gloves and a dust mask when handling vermiculite.

Why We Carry It?
We use vermiculite in a wide range of applications and especially love it when it comes to seed starting. It is great keeping mositure right at seed level, allowing for faster germination and healthier transplants. Vermiculite can be used for bulb storage during winter months and for rooting and propagating cuttings.