Biochar 1.6kg

Supercharge your garden with our premium horticultural biochar. Proudly Canadian and made in Ontario, biochar works to improve all soil types by improving moisture retention, increasing nutrient uptake, and creating a diverse biodynamic habitat for soil microbes and beneficial organisms to thrive. A healthy soil means healthy plants and thriving gardens!

Each bag contains on average 7L of biochar, with average particle size of 3-5mm. It is easy to mix with your favourite fertilizer and soil amendments, which will then charge and activate it. As a general guideline, use 5-10% biochar as part of your overall soil mix. A little goes a long way.

Our biochar contains a very high 80% minimum carbon content and is created using landfill diverted waste wood and a proprietary non-pyrolysis technology. Not all biochar is created the same or has the physical, structural, and chemical properties you want for your garden. Choose Young Urban Farmers for our commitment to providing you with the best quality, horticultural biochar.

Great for all types of gardens including raised beds, lawns, flower beds, hanging baskets, containers, seed starting mixes, indoor gardens, and more! Because biochar is structurally stable, it does not break down or get used up like other soil amendments/fertilizers. Use it once and its benefits can last for hundreds or thousands of years or as long as you continue to garden. 

Biochar can be added to all types of gardens including raised beds, vegetable gardens, lawns, flower beds, hanging baskets, containers, and more. It is great for both soil-based and soil-less mixes, from seed starting to mature trees. For best results, mix biochar evenly with soil before planting. Or top dress with biochar and cover with compost if applying mid-season.