Perlite 12.5L Resealable Bag

What Is It?
Perlite is a great, natural, organic garden/soil amendment for almost all types of gardens, planters, raised beds, hanging baskets, house plants, and more. Mix it in as part of a custom soil blend, or mix it into your raised beds, hanging baskets, and garden planters to reduce soil compaction, lighten up the soil mix, and improve air flow, leading to healthier plants that grow bigger, faster, healthier, and yield more. 
Perlite is made from heating volcanic glass (obsidian) to around 1600F (871C) which causes trapped moisture to vaporize and the material to expand up to 20x its original volume. Because of the treatment and being a natural material, it is naturally weed free, sterile, pH neutral, and suitable for organic gardening and farming applications.

The Best Part?
This is 100% perlite. There are no other additives, chemicals, or anything else in this package. Moisten perlite before using to improve handling and to reduce dust. Perlite can be used for hydroponics, though is not suitable for aquaponics. On average, most particles will be 5-10mm in width.
Perlite is lightweight and easy to handle. It is an excellent way to fill out your soil mix and reduce weight without sacrificing moisture retention. Comes in a reusable resealable bag so you can easily store whatever you don't use
Why We Carry It?
Perlite is an excellent and relatively inexpensive garden amendment that can improve yields, promote healthy plant growth. It is highly recommended by almost all gardening professionals and is something we use for both our indoor and outdoor gardens.