8' Bamboo Stakes

Most bamboo stakes suck. They're either too short, too thin, too flimsy, and often cause more frustration than the problem they're supposed to solve. 

We've sourced great high quality, extra long, 8' (244cm) tall bamboo stakes that are on average 0.75-1" (1.9-2.5cm) thick, strong and sturdy. Note that the exact diameter will vary from stick to stick and will taper and get narrower towards the top (the natural characteristic of bamboo). 

For maximum durability, remove from the garden before winter and store in a shed, garage, basement, or other dry location.

These bamboo stakes will give you at least 6' of support (up to 2' will be buried and anchored in the ground to provide stability) so that even your tall tomatoes can get the proper support, even when they grow 6' tall and get loaded down with heavy tomatoes. We like to use multiple poles (and twine) to create a teepee structure for beans, cucumbers, and melons to climb on. Get creative and create your own structures for larger gardens too!

Please note that due to the size of this product, shipping outside of GTA will be at an extra charge. Please contact us for a shipping quote. 

Available individually or as a 5-piece, 10-piece bundle. For larger gardens, community gardens, and bulk orders (100+ pieces), contact us for a custom quote.