Cacao Shell Mulch 3.6kg

Beautiful. aromatic, natural mulch makes your garden smell like chocolate!!! Made from the usually discarded outer husks/shells of the cacao bean after it has been fermented and roasted. Smell lasts for up to 1 week .

Cacao shell mulch naturally and sustainably helps to keep moisture in the soil and weeds from growing. Great for all gardens including potted plants, container gardens, raised beds, and more! It is naturally weed free from the roasting process

Spread a layer up to 2" (5cm) thick over the soil surface. Soaking the shells in a bucket of water will help to release the rich chocolate aroma and make the shells stick to the soil surface. A thicker layer helps to attract a variety of beneficial organisms such as worms, bacteria, and fungi to the garden.

Each 3.6kg bag contains approximately 14L of cacao shells, which will provide a coverage of approximately 12 sq ft at 0.5" depth.

Reapply as needed midseason or at the beginning of each gardening season or cropping cycle. Cacao shells add a variety of nutrients back into your soil as they break down. Our cacao shells are from beans roasted in Toronto and sourced from sustainable farmers in Mexico and Latin America.

Did you know our cacao shells can be brewed into a delicious tea? It tastes great hot or cold. We recommend 1-2 tbsp per cup with a 5 minute steep for a rich, dark chocolate aroma and taste.

WARNING: Avoid using this product if you have pets including dogs and cats that like to dig/eat/explore in your garden. Cacao shells contain both caffeine and theobromine just like chocolate, which can be toxic or even fatal for pets if ingested