Balconera Color Planter

What Is It?
The Balconera Color Planter provides the same features of the Balconera Cottage planter, except in a colourful matte finish. It is great to grow aromatic herbs such as basil and rosemary, fresh veggies like arugula and spinach, succulent strawberries, and even annual flowers. Place the Balconera on any flat surface like an outdoor table, a sunny windowsill, or along an outdoor ledge to add a splash of colour or fragrance. An optional railing mounting system (at an additional cost) means you can attach it to your balcony, porch, or deck railing, and even directly onto a wall, fence and other vertical surface. The brackets are hidden and mount easily onto a railing with soft, easily adjustable bands. This provides the perfect fit and prevents scratching.

The Best Part:
The Balconera Planter is great for starting your own mini urban farm for apartments, condos, decks, balconies, and other small areas where gardening space is at a premium. It features Lechuza's sub-irrigation system, which allows you to spend less time watering and get better results. An integrated filling tube and water indicator shows you at a glance how much water is in the reservoir

Why We Carry This:
Balconera just works. Everything you'd want in a planter, and even things you've never thought of are included, from the built-in water reservoir to the hidden mounting system (that can be mounted on both a railing or a wall). Use this as a stand alone unit, or put multiple units together for a striking display.

Sizes and Colours

Both the small 20" (50cm) and large size 32" (80cm) size come in 3 colourful options: white, slate, and nutmeg. The small size will comfortably hold 3-4 herbs/greens/flowers while the large size will comfortably hold 4-6 herbs/greens/flowers.

Key Features

  • Impact-resistant, UV-stabilized, shatterproof, and frost-proof
  • Made using durable, food-grade plastic
  • Lightweight, yet robust
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Go for several days without watering
  • Roots will never be waterlogged as long as the drain plug is  removed
  • Made in Germany

Technical Details

  • Small 20" size measures 20" x 7" x 7", holds approximately 8 litres of soil, and has a 3L reservoir
  • Large 32" size measures 32" x 7" x 7", holds approximately 12 litres of soil, and has a 5L reservoir

For GTA residents, we can arrange to have this delivered, setup, filled with our YUF Potting Soil Mix, and the plants of your choice at an additional cost. Please contact us for details. Late winter and early spring is the best time to pre-book this service. Read our page on Balconera Additional Information with additional pictures, a video, and more.

Balconera Railing Mounting System not included, and is available from our online store