Balconera Railing Mounting System

Hang your Balconera and save on precious floor space for your mini urban garden. The Balconera Railing Mounting System is compatible for both the small and large Balconera Planters and are not visible from the front of the planter.

The brackets feature sturdy, locking straps that wrap over the top bar of almost all railings. They work best on railings with wider vertical slats, though they can be attached to almost any railing. The Railing Mounting System can also screwed into and attached directly to a wall.


  • Soft band prevents scratches on smooth railings
  • Internal-locking mechanism fully supports the largest Balconera, even when plants are fully grown and watered
  • Supports up to 50kg in weight 

Watch a how-to installation setup video for both the Balconera Planters and the Railing Mounting System. For those who may have a very wide railing on which to mount the brackets, a set of extra long straps 80cm in length is also available. The length of the regular straps are 40cm.