Beats Peat Coconut Coir 11lb Block

Enjoy outstanding gardening results with this all-natural, pH-neutral premium coconut coir. This high-quality coir is a joy and a pleasure to work with as it hydrates very quickly and has a uniform, consistent, and even texture (no more large and uneven pieces of husk/coir). It comes pre-portioned into 4 individual blocks, allowing you to use just what you need without hydrating the entire block.

Eco-friendly, and made from naturally sustainable and renewable resources, BeatsPeat is excellent as a standalone soil medium or a soil amendment that can improve soil texture, soil structure, improve aeration, improve drainage, improve water retention, and provide organic matter to the garden. Perfect for vegetable gardens, shrubs, trees, flower beds, lawns, potted plants, hanging baskets, windowsill planters, urns, worm bins, and more.

Each block expands in volume up to 3 cubic feet with about 10 gallons (~38L) of water. It comes wrapped in an easy to store package to minimize dust and keep things neat and organized. It is naturally disease free, weed free, dirt-free, and free from foreign materials and weed seeds. 

Coconut coir is excellent at water retention, is a great natural and sustainable alternative to peat, and also works great as a hydroponic growing medium. Totally biodegradable, 100% natural, and made from renewable resources. It retains more air and moisture (holds up to 10x its weight in water) and improves the drainage compared to other growing media.

You'll love how quickly this coir hydrates compared to other brands, and how well it performs in all of your gardening applications. For faster re-hydration, use warm or hot water. When used in sandy soil, coir helps to keep nutrients and moisture close to the plant roots. When used in clay soils, coir helps to break up hard-packed earth and move nutrients and moisture through the soil.


For best results and if possible, pre-rinse coir with water. It does not clump, will not degrade as quickly as peat moss, and can be used for multiple growing cycles. Go green with a biodegradable, renewable compressed brick of coconut fiber. This naturally sustainable product is great for all gardening applications. Use it as bedding for your worm bin and compost bin. Use it as an amendment to your container gardens, raised beds, and in-ground gardens. Use it as a seed starting medium. Use it for your hydroponic and aquaponic growing beds. Use it as a mulch in your garden or as an organic growing medium. Other applications for coir include aquaponics, potting soil blends, home gardeners, commercial growers, greenhouses, compost amendments, animal/livestock bedding, reptile bedding, and as a liquid absorbing compound.

Why save our beat bogs? Beat bogs form unique natural habitats, home to countless species of flora and fauna. They are storage sites for carbon dioxide. Removing peat from a bog releases carbon dioxide into the air which contributes to global warming. They store and filter 10% of the global freshwater resources. Typically, one year's extraction of peat from a bog takes 220 years to grow back.

Instead of peat moss... Beats Peat is made of 100% premium coconut coir. Fast gaining international renown for its horticultural applications, coir is the previously underused outer husk of a coconut. One coconut palm produces 75-150 nuts per year and can bear fruit for up to 75 years. Hyper renewable, coconuts are grown throughout the tropics worldwide. An estimated 17 billion coconuts are harvested annually from about 9 million acres. Ingredients: Coconut Coir