Biochar Plus 7L

Our activated Biochar Plus features 50% high-carbon horticultural biochar and 50% certified organic worm castings as a ready-to-use soil amendment. Perfect for all types of gardens including raised beds, lawns, flower beds, hanging baskets, containers, and more. Use directly out of the package or mix and create your own custom soil blend.

Proudly Canadian with both biochar and worm castings made in Ontario. Our biochar contains an exceptionally high 80% minimum carbon content using a special non-pyrolysis technology. Our certified organic worm castings are rich in organic matter and have been the foundation for all of our garden blends. As a general guideline, we recommend using 10-20% Biochar Plus as part of your overall mix

A little goes a long way. Enjoy a thriving, easier to maintain garden with results you'll need to see in order to believe. Gardens will be more resilient to drought stress, more efficient in nutrient uptake, and produce bigger yields with less effort. We like to think of it as adding a superhero amendment for your garden!

Biochar allows you to put carbon directly back into the soil, in a form that is stable for the long-term. It does not break down, deteriorate, or get used up like other soil fertilizers/amendments. Use it once and reap the benefits for as long as you continue to garden.