Caja Sub-Irrigated Planter

Grow beautiful, healthy, delicious product in virtually any space with the Caja sub-irrigated planter. This is our top choice for beginners and for expert gardeners alike.

This durable, efficient growing system allows you to grow with optimal soil conditions (we recommend our custom potting soil mix) and minimal watering, due to its 10L built-in water reservoir. This allows you to go for extended periods of time between watering, up to 1 week in the spring and every 2-3 days in summer with larger/thirsty plants.

For GTA customers, we have a ready-to-grow option that includes our custom potting soil and plants of your choice. We can also ship the basic Caja kit (without soil and plants) across Canada.

This product is very similar to another product we carry called the EarthBox. The main differences is that the Caja is made with recycled plastic in Mexico while the EarthBox is made with virgin plastic in the USA. Both are UV-stabilized and frost proof and will last for years if not decades of growing. The EarthBox also comes with 4 wheels for easy mobility, but the Caja does not. For larger quantity purchases, the Caja is much more efficient in shipping, making it a better choice for remote and rural locations.

We've used the Caja to grow in a wide range of environments, decks, patios, driveways, rooftops, parking lots, as well as for schools, hotels, restaurants, community groups, and more. For gardeners of all backgrounds, this is our main recommendation due to the ease of growing, outstanding yields and long-term functionality. 

As our most popular container garden - we're confident you'll love it too!