Dolomite (Dolomitic Limestone)

What Is It?

Dolomite, also known as dolomitic lime or dolomitic limestone is a common garden fertilizer and soil amendment. It can be used to neutralize acidic soil (raise the pH), especially soils high in peat and/or with a low pH. Many commercial potting soils typically have peat as the primary ingredient.

Dolomite can also be used to add calcium and magnesium to the soil. Many flowering/fruiting plants such as tomatoes have high calcium and magnesium needs, and insufficient quantities can lead to issues such as blossom end rot. Dolomite provides 20% calcium and 10% magnesium by weight.

The Best Part

Our dolomite has been pulverized into a fine powder for ease of handling and ease of plant absorption. It comes as an off-white powder in 1kg bags or packages of 5kg. It is easy to apply and readily available to plants.

Why We Carry This

Dolomite is a popular garden amendment and until recently, had been challenged to finding something high-quality, finely ground, and in a convenient package. Dolomite can be stored for several years and used as needed.

Dolomite Recommendations

For in-ground gardens and raised beds, we suggest getting a soil test to determine how much dolomite may be needed. For Caja and EarthBox growers, adding dolomite is the general recommendation as most potting soils that will be used in the containers will feature a high percentage of peat, and/or the most popular crops like tomatoes will benefit from additional calcium and magnesium which can lead to higher yields and healthier plants.

Wear a dust mask and apply in a well-ventilated area. If outdoors, apply during a calm day as high winds can blow away surface applications of dolomite.