EarthBox Mulch Cover (2-Pack)

EarthBox Mulch Covers are a perfect fit for your EarthBox garden. They stop weeds from growing, converse water, and insulate your garden box, protecting your vegetables, herbs, and fruit from excess rain or drought. These covers are good for an entire growing season. 

Each 2-pack of covers are double-sided with one side black and the othe siide white. The black side used for all climates unless there are regular sustained temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius.

For most people and most growing situations, we generally recommend putting the white-side up. Some exceptions can be made if you are starting as early as possible with an outdoor spring crop (ex. spinach and other leafy greens), or if you growing heat-loving plants such as peppers and eggplant. Typically by the middle of the growing season, the plants will have grown large enough for the leaves/branches to cover/shade the soil, so the choice of colour of which side of cover you choose doesn't make as big of a difference.