EarthBox Organic Replanting Kit

EarthBox Organic Replanting Kit

The EarthBox Replanting Kit lets you use your EarthBox Garden Kit year after year. Whether you grow tomatoes, herbs, peppers, zucchini, any other delicious edible, the replanting kit will allow you to continue growing with great results. 

Each replanting kit comes with two fitted mulch covers, one pouch of organic fertilizer, one pouch of organic dolomite, and replanting instructions. Shipping is available throughout Canada.

This is an accessory product to the EarthBox Organic Garden Kit, which is sold separately.  


Note May 2024. We are out of stock on the EarthBox branded replanting kits, but have Caja replanting kits available as an alternative. Caja comes with a 4-4-4 organic fertilizer and dolomite in a single pouch along with 1 mulch cover.