EarthBox Stand

The EarthBox stand allows you to raise the height of your EarthBox to approximately 3'. This makes it easy to pick shorter plants like herbs and greens. It is a great accessory to minimize bending especially for those with mobility issues. We like it because the casters that are included with the purchase of an EarthBox complete organic kit can be attached to the bottom of the stand for easy movement and positioning on any flat surface.

Everything you need to assemble and setup the stand comes included including a stainless steel mini wrench and allen key. Each stand comes with 4 sturdy steel frame pieces, stainless steel hardware, assembly tools, and instructions. It holds 1 EarthBox (sold separately).

It is not compatible with the EarthBox Staking System, though the Automatic Watering System can be used with it at the same time. With the EarthBox stand, it is not recommended to grow tall or heavy crops as it can make the EarthBox too top heavy and liable to fall over from a heavy gust of wind or being moved too quickly.