Gro4 Organics Worm Castings - Certified Organic

What Is It?

Gro4 Organics Premium Earthworm Castings 5L Recloseable Bag is an organic fertilizer and soil amendment made from the natural feeding and composting cycle of worms (also called vermicomposting). Through vermicomposting, worms eat through organic matter and compost to produce a nutrient-rich waste that is suitable for all types of gardening that enhances the quality of your soil. They resemble football-shaped particles that help aerate your soil, increase water retention, and provide a slow release of nutrients to naturally feed your soil and your plants. As worms eat through the compost, studies have shown that they also remove heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, and copper, making the castings free of heavy metals!

The Best Part:

Worm castings are virtually odourless and non-toxic making them an excellent alternative to chemical fertilizers! They can be used directly on plants without burning them, as a top dressing, mixed in directly with the soil/potted plants, or as a side dressing. They have a neutral pH balance of 7 meaning it won’t make your soil acidic, and also contain no salts. In addition, they have helpful enzymes and bacteria that protect your plants from disease and pests.

Why We Carry This:

Gro4 Organics Worm Castings is the perfect fertilizer and soil amendment, as it will give you peace of mind that not only will your plants have increased yields, but they’re a natural, organic product that contains no chemicals or additives. The product contains specific instructions for many types of plants including but not limited to; new lawns, perennials and annuals, flower beds, vegetable gardens, hanging baskets, potted plants, raised beds, and more.

Key Features:

  • Slow releasing nitrogen
  • Organic, non-toxic, and odorless
  • Conditions and improves soil texture
  • Contains water-soluble nutrients
  • Increases water retention
  • Increases growth yields
  • Heavy-Metal Free
  • Doesn’t wash away with watering or heavy rain
  • Comes in a 5L recloseable bag or a 20L bag. Note the 20L bag is primarily available for a local Toronto delivery. For shipments outside of GTA for the 20L bag, please contact us for a shipping quote