Lechuza Orchidea Planter

What Is It?

The orchidea is our favourite planter for orchids. While orchids are not an edible food crop to grow (unless you're talking about vanilla orchids), we believe that adding beauty and colour to any space is an important aspect of gardening. Simple yet elegant, the Orchidea is similar to other Lechuza products as a complete all-in-one kit including the planter, translucent liner, and sub-irrigated integrated watering system.

The Best Part?

The specially formulated orchidpon that comes with the planter is the perfect medium for orchids. Orchids can be tricky to get the right balance of growing media, water/moisture levels, and the Orchidea takes almost all the guesswork out of growing beautiful abundant blooms with its carefully thought out shape, design, and translucent liner that gives a good balance of light even to the roots.

Why We Carry It?

Made in Germany from durable frost and UV-resistant materials for indoor or outdoor use. There is no drainable plug, so keep an eye on the water level if you leave it outdoors. The orchidea fits the majority of cultivated orchids from your nursery or garden center and complements any decor.


We carry the Orchidea in 2 different colours, matte white and slate grey. Both look great and will provide a beautiful, stylish, and functional planter for your orchids.