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Why We Love It

The Balconera comes in two different sizes. The small size has one removable liner and measures 50cm (20") across and the large size has two removalbe liners and measures 80cm (32") across. We love the woven wicker design of the container, which comes in four colours (white, granite, mocha, and black). It is made from UV-stabilized, food-grade plastic and can be left outdoors during the winter or brought inside to extend the growing season if you have a sunny window.

Why Our Customers Love It

Our customers love the Balconera because of its versatility. It can be placed indoors or out, on a flat surface or mounted to a railing. Despite its small size, herbs, greens, and edible flowers all grow great in this container. If it is mounted on a wide railing, extra long mounting straps (80cm or 32") are available. Regular length straps are 40cm or 16" long and are suitable for most balcony railings. 

Additional Information

The Lechuza sub-irrigation system will allow your plants to go up to a few days without wateringthanks to its built in reservoir. Exact results will vary based on temperature, wind conditions, type of plants, etc. The removable liner and exclusive Lechuza-pon drainage material allows them to flourish without sitting in standing water. Your plants will still need to be watered the traditional way (from above) for the first couple of weeks to allow the roots to stretch and reach down into the pon material, but once established, simply fill up the reservoir and enjoy simple watering and plant maintenance.

The optional brackets securely hold the Balconera in place and are not visible from the front of the unit. It can be easily assembled and disassembled for winter storage. They come in two colours - white and black. The small size features one (1) removable plant liner for easy setup and assembly. It measures 20" x 7" x 7", has a soil capacity of around 8L and reservoir capacity of around 3L. The large size features two (2) removable plant liners for a modular setup and ease of assembly. It measures 32" x 7" x 7", has a soil capacity of around 12L and reservoir capacity of around 5L.

Download a PDF copy of the Balconera and Balconera Brackets Setup Instructions.

Balconera watering system

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