ScareCrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler - Additional Information

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Why We Love It:

The ScareCrow sprinkler is easy to setup, simple to install, and is small and compact both the garden and to store over the winter. The best part is that it really works. Animals get scared away and learn not to come back to the garden area. We've even heard stories of commercial farmers using multiple scarecrows sprinklers daisy chained together to keep animals away from their fields!

Why Our Customers Love It:

For our customers with animal issues, they love that this is a natural way to keep them away without chemicals, traps, or other methods. It can be adjusted to cover the exact area. The only thing they need to remember is to turn off the sensor before watering or harvesting from their garden, otherwise they may get a bit o an unexpected shower.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Will the ScareCrow protect my vegetable garden?
A. Yes. The ScareCrow has been proven to be effective at protecting vegetable gardens including raised beds, container gardens, and in-ground gardens.

Q. How long will the ScareCrow operate before needing a new battery?
A. Results vary from a few weeks to a year depending upon how often people, pets or the wind trigger the unit. The average is between four and six months. The ScareCrow will typically fire approximately 3000 times from a single battery.

Q. How much water pressure is needed?
A. 30 to 80psi. If your water pressure is greater than 80psi, we recommend installing a pressure reducer (available at hardware and irrigation supply stores) at the hose bib. Most taps at a residential house have a psi pressure of between 40-60.

Q. Does the ScareCrow work at night?
A. Yes. The ScareCrow works during the day and at night because it uses an infrared sensor.

Q. Can I adjust the sensitivity of the ScareCrow?
A. Yes, you can adjust the sensitivity with the simple twist of a knob. Set it to 0 to turn it off or to 9 for maximum sensitivity

Q. Can the ScareCrow be used in the winter?
A. No. The valve in the ScareCrow could be damaged by freezing temperatures. We suggest you bring the unit inside if there is a risk of freezing weather.

Q. Can I setup multiple ScareCrows if I have a large in-ground garden to protect?
A. Yes, you can connect multiple ScareCrows together to protect a large area or for added protection.

Q. How do I setup my ScareCrow sprinkler?
A. Each ScareCrow comes with a manual on how to setup and use the product. You can download an electronic version of the manual.

Q. What kind of warranty does the ScareCrow have?
A. The ScareCrow comes with a 2-year warranty.

Q. Do you ship across Canada?
A. Yes. We ship across Canada. We do not ship to the United States at this time.

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