Fall Garlic Planting

Why buy imported garlic from China when you can grow your own local Canadian garlic right in your backyard? Garlic is one of the easiest crops to grow and is a great way to add a dash of flavour in your cooking. Best of all it requires minimal work in terms of maintenance and watering, keeps for months after harvesting, and makes for a great gift to share with friends and family.

For Toronto residents, you can sign up for our garlic planting services where we come to aerate the soil, add a bit of extra compost, plant the amount of garlic you want, and mulch it with straw. Simply choose how much garlic you would like to grow, let us know in the checkout notes where in your garden you'd like the garden planted (you can also send us a picture), and we'll come and plant the garlic for you in October. Please note, the sunnier the area, the better the garlic will do. Also note that an additional charge may be required for new garden areas (Ex. removing grass and preparing a new garden area). See our Garlic Planting FAQ page for more details. We use certified organic garlic cloves that will produce excellent bulbs for you next spring

Not sure where to plant garlic? Call or email us to arrange for a free consultation to see if garlic is right for you. Complete garlic growing instructions are included with our planting service. Please indicate the exact location where you'd like the garlic to be planted during checkout.

Garlic can be planted in our raised beds or directly in the ground. It does best in rich, well-drained soil that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun per day.

Garlic is also considered a heavy feeder, which means it will benefit from the addition of extra compost. 

When Will You Plant Them?
Planting happens in mid-October for a harvest in late July/early August of the following year.

How Much Should I Plant?
The amount of garlic you want to grow depends on how much garlic you and your family typically eat and how much garden space you have. Garlic needs around 6” of space on all sides, which means we can plant 4 cloves per square foot. A bed that will produce 100 heads will need an area of 25 square feet. Previous YUF customers with our raised beds can fit up to 64 cloves in each 4'x4' or 2'x8' Raised Bed.

Designated garden area required. Additional costs may be applicable (e.g. for clearing out grass and preparing a garden bed). Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation if you are unsure or to order a larger amount of garlic.

What Varieties Do You Offer?

Legacy: Legacy is a hard neck variety and was originally found growing wild on a farm in Ontario. It came over in the 19th century with German immigrants and is becoming an increasingly popular variety as more people discover its taste. Legacy packs a strong flavour and heat punch and produces 8-9 medium sized cloves per head. It thrives in cold climates, which makes it perfect for our GTA customers. 

Legacy produces large sized heads with white skin and pink undertones. It is both a beautiful and delicious variety to grow. Certified organic.

Music: Music is a hard neck variety that was originally adapted from an Italian variety. to be suited to our Southern Ontario growing conditions. The cloves have a medium spice level, very good storage qualities, and thrives in our cold climate. 

Music produce large heads with white skin contrasted with blushes of pink. It produces 4-6 large to very large coves and is a favourite among our gardeners across Southern Ontario. Certified Organic

Want To Order Garlic And Plant it Yourself?
Limited quantities of garlic can be purchased from us to plant yourself. Please contact us by email or by phone for more details. Shipping is available across Canada.

View our Garlic Planting Frequently Asked Questions and our Garlic Growing Instructions.