Raised Bed Garden

The Young Urban Farmers Raised Bed Garden is one of our flagship products and is designed for families and individuals looking for an enjoyable gardening experience. Avoid the hassle of running around and making multiple trips to the hardware store, the garden center, and even the lumber yard.

We take care of all the hard work of sourcing the right wood, bringing in our custom soil mix that is designed especially for vegetables, planting the exact seeds and seedlings you want to grow with the proper spacing and depth, and providing you with an instruction guide to help you throughout the summer. 

Enjoy all the benefits of your own vegetable garden without the work. Our Raised Bed Gardens come delivered, installed and planted for you in your own yard in Toronto (a travel surcharge will apply for those outside our main service area). Choose from one of our combination of preset veggies/herbs selections or customize your own according to your eating preferences. 

Available in 3 different sizes, and 3 different heights. 

  • Square: 4'x4' 
  • Narrow: 2'x8'
  • Large: 4'x8'  
  • Short 8" tall
  • Regular 16" tall
  • Tall 24" tall

To learn more, read our page on Raised Bed Garden Additional Information