YUF Potting Soil Mix

Order the same soil blend we use in all of our YUF container gardens and EarthBoxes. We've had great results and excellent feedback from all of our customers we've made this option available for you. Our potting soil mix is unlike anything you'll find at your local garden center because of the ingredients and processing method we use. As a result, the microbial life, nutrient quality, and quality of the soil will help to ensure exceptional gardening results no matter what you are growing. Our soil mix features a proprietary blend of worm castings, with an increased amount of peat and perlite to lighten up the weight of the blend. In addition, our soil mix is made without the use of any animal products such as composted manure so vegetarians and vegans can have peace of mind they are not eating any animal-related products.

Soil is the foundation for the successful growth of all plants. Because of the high content of worm castings and other composted materials in the garden, this mix will provide all the nutrients you need for your vegetable garden. For raised beds or in-ground gardens, we suggest ordering our YUF Custom Soil Mix or our Certified Organic Worm Castings.

Product Details

Our potting soil mix comes in only by the cubic yard. This blend have a strong earthy smell, are very dark brown and almost black in colour with the white perlite  evenly distributed throughout. It is screened to ensure a small and uniform particle size and a very rich and fluffy texture. Note, mini-tote bags are currently unavailable and we will be substituting an equivalent volume of soil in 20L bags

Delivery Information: 

Delivery is typically arranged on Saturday mornings. Our full cubic yards come in a heavy duty reusable tote bag on a wooden skid. For customers in Toronto and the immediate surrounding suburbs, delivery is included in the cost of your order.

Please note that delivery in narrow laneways may not be possible. Unfortunately we cannot arrange delivery over a fence, up or down a set of stairs, on a sharply angled surface or across very rough surfaces. For all orders, as well as special delivery instructions, please indicate in the checkout notes the delivery location and any special details to ensure a smooth delivery. Please contact us if you have additional questions or instructions.

For deliveries outside Toronto (ex. Milton, Halton, Pickering), an additional delivery charge may be required.

Available in mini totes (just under 1/3 cubic yard) or in large cubic yard bags, you can get the same premium, high-quality soil for your vegetable garden. Soil delivery available only within the GTA. Read Additional Information on the YUF Potting Soil Mix.